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Welcome to your Safe and Sacred Space - Honored to have you here!

If you are here, that means you are on a quest. You are on some hunt of discovery in your life and you feel this is the right time and the right place where you can feel safe, receive the necessary guidance on this journey and make huge quantum leaps!


Many years before the pandemic, I began my road to entrepreneurship while long-term planning to leave corporate America for good especially after experiencing hardships and loss. Not only did I leave corporate America but I left America altogether and I could not have done this without the tools and knowledge I’ve gathered and dedicated myself to immensely. 

More About Me - Your Divine Guide

From a child, I was cultivated with the motto of “excellence without excuse”. After graduating from high school, I studied at Winston-Salem State University, received my bachelor’s degree and founded Elle Inc., which is a non profit organization empowering individuals to heal, using non-conventional alternative therapies. This idea of healing came from my dedication and passion towards the domestic violence sector. I spent years volunteering in the field during my undergraduate studies which further sparked my passion for creating safe spaces for individuals. Founding my own company was the first step towards liberating myself from the corporate world. In 2011-2012, I began my holistic life coaching business followed by a two year contract to host an international radio show Soulful Essentials on the Toronto-based Women's Movement Radio Network (WMRN). I started coaching multi-millionaires using a synthesis and combination of ancient sciences & systems to guide them through intricate decision-making processes. My contribution in the book Love+Lifestyle Inspiration for Women by Janet Aizenstros made me a more internationally known figure and I was honored in 2015 during International Women’s Day at Chapters Indigo in Toronto, Canada.


Fast forward to 2020 (the year of the Covid-19 pandemic), I met my amazing husband who had been living in Germany prior and together we co-founded The Natural Guys Company and dedicated ourselves fully to our vision and passion for plant medicine. I saw the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to apply fresh ideas, re-visiting some of my old business models, and really living a free and self-sufficient lifestyle. Today, I live in Berlin as a freelancer offering a myriad of conscious healing services such as ear candling and personal coaching.

What can you expect from working with me?

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Based in Berlin, Germany


+49 1521 4852074


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