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Social Media Manager

The Natural Guys Company is located in beautiful Berlin, Germany. We love making herbal products almost as much as we love engaging with our clients! Just as our products are top of the line, our social media pages need to be as unique and irresistible as our soaps!


Remote or online position

Employment Type

Intern / Unpaid

Career Area

Health & Wellness

Position Summary...

What you'll do...


The primary responsibility of our social media manager will be in charge of all social media pages across multiple platforms—expanding our digital presence, developing new strategies, and monitoring our online success through KPIs. Our ideal candidate is a great collaborator who has experience in running campaigns and keeping our brand on top!

You’ll sweep us off our feet if:

  • you form a strong knowledge of the herbal medicine or wellness industry news and social media trends.

  • you strategize social media campaigns to boost our company sales and brand engagement.

  • you partner with marketing and design teams to develop a consistent brand across all social platforms.

  • you craft a content calendar as needed in collaboration with design and marketing departments.

  • you design original posts, tweets, and pins according to the content calendar in collaboration with the design team.

  • you host monthly community engagement events through social pages in collaboration with marketing and production teams.

  • you answer customer questions on social pages daily.

  • you monitor KPI progress using Google Analytics.

  • you communicate metrics progress to relevant teams.

  • you identify potential pitfalls in our social strategy or content and adjust future plans accordingly.

  • you build relationships with our followers through consistent communication via comments, retweets, likes, and more.

We are excited that you are interested in the Social Media Manager position of internship with our company. If you are selected, the duration of this internship will be 6 months and it will be an unpaid internship. During this time, your employment status with The Natural Guys Company will be temporary. However, you will still be entitled to the same full privileges that other employees of the company are entitled to. We would love for you to have a global mindset and that you are thrilled by the thought of joining and learning from a start-up at an early stage. If you are great at coming up with creative solutions and prepared for a challenge, then we would love to have you on the team!

You'll make an impact by:

Supporting the future of healthcare


As the world struggles with an ongoing health and wellness crisis, herbal practitioners and wellness companies are working hard to combat it. With your assistance, we look to create the solutions that will define the years to come.


Furthering education provision

In strategizing social media campaigns to boost our education program, you can make a positive social impact by providing our members and clients with new and better quality experiences to enhance their studies.

Customer Service

By enhancing our company’s social media presence, it will boost our brand internationally and provide the best user experience for our members and clients.

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