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Salt, Sugar, & Coffee Scrubs

The Natural Guys Company Body Scrubs are a rough mixture of carrier and essential oils, sea salts, sugars, and hand-roasted and hand-ground Ethiopian coffee beans, designed to exfoliate, give you healthier skin, and increase your overall health and wellness. In fact, you will experience noticeable benefits after a single use.


Given from your head to your toes, our face and body exfoliating scrubs will take away old, dead skin cells to reveal clean, fresh, and youthful skin.  Formulated to clear toxins and built-up oils from pores, which eliminates acne and prevents ingrown hairs. Using a body scrub massage on your entire body will keep all areas clear from toxins, sweat, and blemishes.


As you exfoliate, you’ll find it’s easier for your body to absorb moisture from the steam and creamy soap during a shower, then applying our decadent Body Butter right after, which is an important part of how to use face and body scrubs. Your smooth and moisturized skin will make you feel like you’ve had a body scrub spa treatment without having to leave your own home.

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