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Allow me to pose a question: How can we live our allotted time within Mother Earth without suffering? The answer is simple. We know that pain is inevitable, but suffering doesn’t have to be.


            It is a noble honor to present the truth about Herbalism, to spread the good news about plant medicine, and for the treatment and prevention of illness and disease, with formulations of remedies that have been in our family for generations upon generations. We would like to bring to your notice, the very well forgotten gifts in which our Mother Nature has so abundantly provided for us. It is our practical knowledge and common sense that those who violate the laws of health are ignorant to the relationship of the laws of Life – a balance of eating, drinking, and working correlates this relationship. Unfortunately, even when the average person has some type of illness or disease, they still don’t realize that their condition was solely created by violating some, if not all, of the laws of health and Nature. In fact, if instead of rushing to the doctor for synthetic drugs, it is evident that with proper diet, exercise, use of pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest and herbs, Nature would not only restore the body to its original health, but also prevents illness and sustains the body as well.


  In this book, each chapter will discuss different frequencies, Live and dead foods, and the many herbs, plants, trees, and foods dedicated to the cures and remedies of various ailments, as we scratch the surface of True Healing.  Let us not be destroyed for a lack of knowledge, but rather embrace the wonderful life-giving properties of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains in their natural state and not perverted or robbed from their life-giving properties, and surely health, beauty, and happiness will be greatly rewarded.


P.E.A.C.E (P-roper E-ducation A-lways C-orrects E-rror), being mindful that knowledge is only told by way of "PEACE".

Indigenous Spirit: An encyclopedia of the Ultimate Apothecary

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