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Time To Refresh Your Mind – Spring Cleaning

Updated: Aug 27

Most of us are not aware of the amount of negative influences in our lives. We are bombarded with negative messages from the media, the people around us, and most damaging of all, ourselves. These messages penetrate our mental lobes and ultimately creating fear-driven narratives in our lives. This is what we want to prevent, and one of the many ways to do so is to take the Spring-Cleaning approach to refreshing our minds, which we can do in 5 easy steps!

Step #1 - Identify the negatives and replace them with positives – A fresh new mindset

The first step in the process of replacing negatives with positives in your life is to make a decision to identify the negative messages and find ways to replace them with positive ones. Decide that you will focus on the positive in this world. Make a declaration to yourself that you will no longer focus or, give your attention to such things that no longer serves you. Declare this new fresh mindset!

Step #2 - Reduce your news and social media

Begin to drastically cut down on the amount of news you take in. Most people start their day with the news or at some point is exposed to all kinds of news via their social media. And of course most of the news is bad news; fires, floods, deaths etc. So, by the time you have finished your coffee, you have had enough bad news to last a week. Does all this bad news make you want to throw open the door and greet the new days? No, it’s actually quite the opposite, right? And how about the way we end the day? Many of us watch the news before going to bed and get a big dose of negative information just before trying to go to sleep. Or we spend countless of hours checking our social media. Is it any wonder so many people have trouble sleeping? The mood we are in before we go to sleep carries over to the next morning, so you are setting yourself up for starting the next day in a bad mood. Odds are, you don’t need all that negative information you are taking in from the news, and you will function just fine without it.

Step #3 - Find Constructive Replacements

Replace the news with things such as motivational tapes, uplifting music, and most importantly nature. Also reading empowering books helps a great deal. Books can be a fantastic way to recharge your life. Look for success stories, biographies of successful people, etc and see what works for you. You will begin to feel better right away.

Step #4 - Turn Off the TV

Your next step is to limit the amount of TV you watch. A recent study showed that 78% of the people watching TV are not interested in the program they are watching at any given time. So watching TV is probably making you bored at best, and taking you away from activities that would be more fun and productive. Prime time is the period when most people are watching TV; you can make it your prime time by turning off the TV and using that time to move your life ahead.

Step #5 - Get some Sun!

Depending on where you are in the world, typically we start to feel the warmth from the Sun again with the birds chirping and flowers began to blossom around March – which represents the start of Spring. This is why we have subtitled this blog “Spring Cleaning”; Spring represents renewal, new life, green, and longer days.

Research shows that green spaces are beneficial for several reasons. They restore our mental, physical, and emotional health while helping us feel more connected to ourselves. Instead of depleting us, lakes, rivers and forests replenish our mental energy without asking for anything in return.

Decluttering your brain is just as important as organizing your house and home. Simply put, when we forgive, we replace the negative with the positive, and we create more mental clarity and allow for more helpful, positive vibes.

P.E.A.C.E (P-roper E-ducation A-lways C-orrects E-rror), being mindful that knowledge is only told by way of "PEACE".

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