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Time Management Part 1 – A Way Of Life

Time management is the meticulous way of performing your tasks in the available number of hours. It has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced life, as a person ends up performing many roles. One has to be committed to fulfill all of their responsibilities with 100% perfection. While doing so, people find themselves overwhelmed as to how to approach and manage all those things and still enjoy ample leisure time.

Time management has become a most important necessity in our lives. It basically aims at how the available hours are made use of in such a way that all is done correctly within the allotted time.

Adopting the Skills in Our Lives

Time management involves a lot of planning and organizing. One has to sit down and chalk out a plan of their day-to-day activities. Two of the most effective tools I like to use when planning my day-to-day, week, or even months ahead, is a planner and calendar. The most vital factor in managing your time is bridging the gap between what you expect and what you achieve. There are also certain steps that I use to help me to manage my time perfectly:

  • Target: The first and the foremost step is to fix a target in terms of what has to be achieved and in how much time. This could provide an outline, on the basis of which further planning would be undertaken.

  • Planning: After ascertaining the needs and the hours, it is the time to attain a perfect balance between the two. Time is allocated to each task to be performed so that the goal is achieved. However, flexibility has to be exercised, as the actual time taken could be different from planned.

  • Setting Priorities: Another important aspect is arranging the tasks to be performed in the descending order of priority. When one understands the significance of each event, managing the time becomes easy.

  • Time Schedule: Preparing a timetable helps to complete the work on time and meet the goal effectively.

Time management as a whole aims at avoiding the wasting of time and proper utilization of your time. We could learn a lot from the business community who firmly practices techniques like resource planning for managing resources and taking advantage of plenty of free software and Apps used for structuring time wisely.

In a nutshell, time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time we should spend on specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to complete more in a shorter period of time, lowers your stress levels, and leads to an overall successful career and Life.

To continue to sharpen your skills, read part 2 of this blog: Time Management – Where Does Our Time Go?

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