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Easy DIY Herbal Ear Drops

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Infusing mullein & garlic in some extra virgin olive oil makes for a simple highly recommended natural plant based ear drops.


What Makes It So Great?

The leaves are coated in tiny little hairs that resemble the lungs.

Mullein contains antispasmodic properties, which help with spasms in the respiratory tract. Mullein is a demulcent. When dealing with respiratory tract, demulcents are helpful in two ways--they can moisturize and soothe irritated, inflamed pathways such as airways, and they can also moisten and thin hardened, stuck phlegm and mucous that needs to get out of the body. Congestion needs to be broken up before it can be released, and a demulcent is key for this.

Mullein is the "lung tonic"; well known to restore the tissue of the respiratory system, specifically in the lungs. Mullein is recommended to be smoked for those quitting smoking as even its smoke has healing properties. It can help regrow lung tissue and restore mucous membranes.

Mullein & Ear Infections

Mullein can help support pain in the body as an antispasmodic, influencing inflammation, and most importantly, its flowers have an affinity for nerve pain, which is what makes them so supportive to those with ear infections.

Mullein & Garlic

Mullein and garlic oil have a long history of being used by herbalists to treat a wide spectrum of ear problems. When combined, this blend of herbs in an oil extraction may help reduce swelling, moisture and congestion within the lymph system, allowing fluid to flow and releasing any build-up in the ears which often causes ear pain.

In addition to the main use of the infused oil, the olive oil itself can help soften the earwax making it easier to remove, especially if you are prone to excessive wax. Plus, garlic is a natural aid against bacteria that may be festering in the ear canal and helps to promote good ear health. So, it’s easy to understand why so many people swear by the use of this oil for ear infections and other afflictions of the ear.

DIY Mullein Ear Drops


1. Combine the mullein and garlic in a clean jar.

2. Fill the jar halfway with extra virgin olive oil, then mindfully add in the garlic and mullein.

3. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth then screw on lid.

4. Allow it to infuse for at least 2 weeks. Shake every few days.

After 2 weeks strain the garlic and mullein flowers from the oil. Then, funnel the oil into dropper bottles and label.

Store in a cool, dry place for up to one year.

To use: use the dropper bulb to dispense 2-3 drops into the outer ear canal. Alternatively, place the oil on a fingertip or q-tip and gently massage into the outer ear canal. Do not stick the dropper into your ear or dispense internally.

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