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Benjamin Bey

Meet our Herbalist and proprietor, Benjamin Bey.


In 2010, I left a career in the United States Army to pursue my passion for nature and medicinal plants, and began studying herbs with the wisdom and traditions of my AB-original ancestral lineage. Deciding to take a more formal approach to my own expertise, I graduated from the Centre of Excellence with a Master Herbalist Diploma in Herbal Medicine in 2022, and have been thoroughly intertwined with the green world ever since. My experience and works as an herbalist revolves around self and community empowerment, food as medicine, locally abundant plants, clinical practice, management of an integrative herbal dispensary, and the sharing and spreading of herbal knowledge.

When I'm not enjoying teaching others about the use of wild medicinal plants and inspiring people to lead healthier lifestyles, you can find me roaming the wood lines and meadows with my Fez and harvest backpack, or at home in the kitchen brewing-up some potent food as medicine and formulating handcrafted herbal products.


Yasheeka Divine

From a child, I was cultivated with the motto of “excellence without excuse”. After graduating from high school, I studied at Winston-Salem State University, received my bachelor’s degree and founded Elle Inc., which is a non profit organization empowering individuals to heal, using non-conventional alternative therapies. This idea of healing came from my dedication and passion towards the domestic violence sector. I spent years volunteering in the field during my undergraduate studies which further sparked my passion for creating safe spaces for individuals. Founding my own company was the first step towards liberating myself from the corporate world. In 2011-2012, I began my holistic life coaching business followed by a two year contract to host an international radio show Soulful Essentials on the Toronto-based Women's Movement Radio Network (WMRN). I started coaching multi-millionaires using a synthesis and combination of ancient sciences & systems to guide them through intricate decision-making processes. My contribution in the book Love+Lifestyle Inspiration for Women by Janet Aizenstros made me a more internationally known figure and I was honored in 2015 during International Women’s Day at Chapters Indigo in Toronto, Canada.


Fast forward to 2020 (the year of the Covid-19 pandemic), I met my amazing husband who had been living in Germany prior and together we co-founded The Natural Guys Company and dedicated ourselves fully to our vision and passion for plant medicine. I saw the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to apply fresh ideas, re-visiting some of my old business models, and really living a free and self-sufficient lifestyle. Today, I live in Berlin as a freelancer offering a myriad of conscious healing services such as ear candling and personal coaching.

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The Story Behind The Natural Guys Company

With a love and light turned lucrative and sustainable, we are the diligent duo behind the holistic, handmade, high-quality, herbal haven, The Natural Guys Company (TNG).

We welcome you to our wealth of knowledge that spans from Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA to Germany, Europe to worldwide. Considering that our ever ethical, eco- friendly ethos has attracted accolades such as the Cooalition to Back Black Businesses and Glamour Magazine, our innovative, black-owned business is already proving its limitlessness. We offer an array of assets to the holistic health sector, including but not limited to, lovingly curated soap and salves, herbal oils, soap making workshops, herbal consultations, and life coaching sessions. All of our products are planted in wholesome emotional, physical and spiritual foundations.

The mavens in matrimony are Benjamin Bey (CEO, Master Herbalist and U.S. Army Veteran) and Yasheeka Divine (Certified Life Coach/Motivational Speaker, Holistic Health Practitioner and International Author,). We began vending herbal, medicinal soap during the pandemic and within a month, were already selling and shipping all throughout the USA. We became recipients of an angel investment and several grants due to our excellence and eclectic products. 



In June of 2020, I (Benjamin) sustained an otherwise debilitating knee injury. I declined medical intervention and opted for our own collective traditional tinctures, teas and herbal oil recipes, which are all inclusive of our aboriginal roots. Healing soon followed, which was a testament and confirmation of the education, ethnic methods and efficacy behind The Natural Guys Company. This, among other priorities, cemented the need to officially open for business and migrate to my former military stomping ground, as well as a new environment for Divine - Germany.

What began as a 90 day stay in Berlin, blossomed to the humble, yet booming company that we have today. We are truly an authentic power couple that have accrued support from Angel investors, Coalition to Back Black Businesses (American Express), ESF Berlin, Soulincubator and Europäisher Sozialfonds to name a few. The Natural Guys Company is one to watch and be in wonder with.

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